We are committed to the long-term sustainability of the estate and its natural environment

We are committed to the long-term sustainability of the estate | Graythwaite
Biomass boilers and hydroelectric turbines reduce our carbon footprint | The Graythwaite Estate
We have planted 4,000 acres of woodland | The Graythwaite Estate
Our team at the Sawmill use wood from the estate for firewood and repairs | The Graythwaite Estate

At Graythwaite we strive to minimise our impact on the environment and landscape.

Recently biomass woodchip boilers were installed, producing ‘carbon neutral’ heating and hot water for Silverholme Manor, Coachman’s Cottage, Hullet Hall, Graythwaite Hall and the old stable block (now flats).  We are very proud that Silverholme Manor is the only eco-friendly Georgian manor house in the country!  The boiler at Silverholme alone reduces our carbon footprint by 108 tonnes each year.

Our sawmill supplies quality seasoned firewood from the woodlands to the holiday cottages and other estate houses. It also produces the bulk of the timber used for repairs, renovations and reconstruction of the many buildings and houses on the estate.

The Sandys family have replanted over 4,000 acres of woodland to ensure the future sustainability of the Estate.

A hydroelectric turbine provides all the electricity needed to run Silverholme and the surrounding cottages.  Another larger hydro plant located at Cunsey Mill supplies energy to the national grid.

Graythwaite has its own water supply. Rainwater from the fells is collected, treated, and used to supply 90% of all water to the estate, including Silverholme.