Saw Mill & Forestry


We sell for construction use, fencing and to specialist markets

Sizes can be sawn to order and to exact requirements but we also carry stock.

Firewood, Fencing and Construction

We sell a variety of firewood logs from £10 for three small bags, up to 1m3 from £40, and even bigger trailer loads. Sizes can be sawn to order and to exact requirements but we also carry stock.

Our sawmill also sells fencing products in post and rail style. We specialise in oak and large dimension timbers.

The main commercial conifer crop species are Sitka spruce, European larch, and Douglas fir with some Scots pine and Norway spruce. High-quality softwood sawlogs are sold for construction use; lower grade saw log is sold for making pallets and smaller diameter logs for fencing materials. The lowest grade logs are made into wood shavings, chipboard, paper pulp, and fuel.

A small proportion of unusually large and valuable logs find specialist markets for uses such as boat building and structural timbers.

Sustainable & Certified

Our sawmill supplies quality, seasoned firewood to the holiday cottages and other estate houses. It also produces the bulk of the timber used for repairs, renovations and reconstruction of the many buildings and houses on the estate.

The Sandys family have replanted over 4,000 acres of woodland to ensure the future sustainability of the Estate.

Timber harvesting and extraction is carried out using methods from state-of-the-art timber harvesting and forwarding machines, to traditional horse logging (‘snigging’).

Our woodland is certified to the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS) and both FSC® and PEFC™ approved; our Certification numbers are:

  • SA-FM/COC-004552-G047
  • SA-PEFC-FM/COC-004552-G047
  • FSC® Licence Code: FSC-C018469

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