The Silverholme Wedding Blog | No.5

The Silverholme Wedding Blog

by Simon Hughes

We often dream of the fairy tale wedding but for one lucky couple working with Simon Hughes made this dream a reality. At Silverholme Manor we are thoroughly spoilt to work with such a diverse range of highly talented photographers and trust that you will be able to find someone who is the perfect fit for you from our recommended suppliers!

Whether you arrive by boat, drive through the estate or descend from the sky you can immediately feel that Silverholme Manor is something special and the perfect setting for a relaxed Lake District wedding! 

Earlier in the year I had the opportunity to photograph Kym and Liam’s beautiful wedding at Silverholme Manor with their ceremony in the newly refurbished, light and airy coach house.

Whether you arrive by boat, drive through the estate or descend from the sky you can immediately feel that Silverholme Manor is something special and the perfect setting for a relaxed Lake District wedding! Here are a few tips to ensure you and your guests enjoy your wedding day to the max and get the photographs you want to remember your time there!

Choose your photographer carefully

Your photographer will be with you throughout your wedding day, so as well as choosing one whose style of photography you like, also take the time to check they are someone you can trust and will get on with! You can get some sense of what they’re like from talking to them before you book, but it’s also worth asking your planner who will best suit your personality and the style of your wedding. You can also check photographers’ reviews to see what others say. Do reviews comment on how they put people at ease? Do they mention that guests found them friendly? Do reviews mention their flexibility as well as professionalism?

Photo by Simon Hughes Photography

Be prepared to enjoy your day

If you’re coming to Silverholme before your wedding day, arrange to meet with your chosen photographer to go through all the details of your day. Your photographer will be able to help you plan to ensure you get the photographs you want without you feeling rushed or your guests feeling bored!

Once your photographer knows all your plans for your wedding day, not only will they be able to anticipate and get the shots of all those little moments you’ve planned for, but they can also help keep things relaxed and on track and answer any questions your guests may have about what’s happening during the day.

While you’re there, your pre-wedding consultation is also a great time for a mini photoshoot so you and your photographer can get used to working with each other and so you’ll feel more relaxed on the day as you’ll know what to expect. As a bonus you’ll get a few engagement shots taken at your wedding venue to use to build the anticipation for the big day!

Photo by Simon Hughes Photography

Don’t worry about the weather

Silverholme Manor is a great place for a wedding in all seasons and whatever the weather. Of course, being set in the Lake District means you should be prepared for any weather at all times of year.

But don’t panic, there are plenty of spots for beautiful indoor portraits at Silverholme and even more opportunities in the grounds or down by the lake if you’re up for it. Your photographer will certainly be ready to get some great shots for you indoors or outdoors, in any season, in all conditions and at any time of day!

If you’re the sort of person that likes to embrace the elements, your photographer will have umbrellas to keep dry(ish!) if it rains, but it’s worth bringing a wrap or shawl, even in the summer, in case there’s a breeze blowing off the lake. And, if you want some lakeside shots down at Grubbins Point, it might be worth having some comfortable shoes to change into too! That way you’ll be able to get some amazing portraits with the fabulous Lake District backdrop whatever the weather!

And then, if it turns out to be one of the many beautiful, sunny days we get at all times of year, that’s even better!

Photo by Simon Hughes Photography

Enjoy your day!

Having planned for a relaxed wedding, it’s really important to take your time on the day to enjoy it to its fullest. Your day will go by so quickly, so just pause and take a breath from time to time during the day, so you can take it all in!

Bonus tip – Don’t rely on the digitals!

After the wedding, you’ll want to keep all those amazing photographs of your Silverholme Manor wedding to be enjoyed for generations to come. So whether you have your digital images delivered on a USB drive or download them directly from an online gallery, it’s well worth getting a hard copy of your favourite pictures, either in the form of prints or as an album, so you will always be able to enjoy them, even if changes in technology render your digital versions obsolete in the future!

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