A Day in the Life: The Graythwaite Glamper

Ever wondered what the Graythwaite Glamper gets up to during their stay on the Estate?

Time to find out – just on time for our brand new Glamping Site opening July 2021! Check out our exclsuive


Get the best of both worlds with family & friends in the Famous British Lake District. Keep reading for a walkthrough of the not-so-typical Glamping Stay on Lake Windermere.

Morning-time, rise & shine!

Watch the sunrise waking up in the tranquility of nature at the Graythwaite Glamping Site. Grab a brew, read a book or take out the yoga mat for some morning me-time.

Glamping lets you get back to nature and reap the plentiful benefits that will not escape you during your stay; the beauty of waking up to take a deep sip of fresh air coupled with the peace and silence of Lake Windermere is something you just won’t get from a hotel room. With the exciteable chatter of fellow Glampers and the planning of the day ahead, the morning buzz is truly something to behold on the Graythwaite Glamping Site.

Lunch, Brunch or a hilltop Munch…

Oscar enjoying lunch up at the View on the Graythwaite Estate

What to eat when you glamp is a surprising commonly asked question: what’s on the menu for the hybrid holiday? Whip yourself a treat with a classic fry-up over the Glampfire, picnic down by the shore or even bring your buddy up to ‘The View’ for a moment away from it all – have you ever had so many options to start your day off right?

The Lakes are filled with beautiful little caf├ęs and restaurants for you to explore at your leisure, as well as on-the-move vendors such as the famous Dude’s Dough pizza van and the treats at the Graythwaite Local Farm Shop.

We can’t Grayth-WAIT for you to get out on the Lake for some fun on the water!

Stand Up Paddleboarding available through Graythwaite Adventure at Grubbin’s PointGet in touch for activities available!

There’s so much to see in the great outdoors.

The surrounding area of the Graythwaite Estate is jam-packed with walks and hikes to meet every need and ability. With walks far and near, we don’t even know where to begin! Spend the day exploring the fells and tracks across and you never know, you might just stumble upon your own natural infinity pool. Who needs a spa when you have Glamping in the Lake District?

An evening stroll on the Estate…

End your day with a wine and a dine, followed by a scenic stroll around the 5,000 acre Estate and surround yourself in the deep history and culture of Graythwaite. You can explore the grounds nearby to the Glamping site and watch the sun go down over the green hills and radiant flowers of every colour of the rainbow. Keep an eye out on our social media for updates on what is going on at the Estate during your stay.

The Park at the Graythwaite Estate
The Historic Graythwaite Hall

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See you there!