PMBA Enduro Series Championship 2016 at Graythwaite

5 June saw us hosting Round 4 of the PMBA Enduro Series Championship for the very first time!

And we loved every minute…

The PMBA format is a relaxed and flexible way of racing. Riders can head out whenever they want, with whoever they want and at a pace you choose. Being a Championship, tracks were slightly more challenging than usual.  And we had pulled out all the stops with the event organisers to design and cut 5 fresh new tracks for the occasion.

It was also the first time event organisers had especially built a sender (a jump to the rest of us) to tape into the race so right at the end of the final stage on a downhill slope riders met with a thrilling #KSDrop.

Nestled in the grounds of Graythwaite Hall, sunshine, wildlife and beautiful scenery were the order of the day.

“The standard of trail building was amazing. 5 really enjoyable, testing tracks and a fab mix of flow, steep, technical, flat out fast jumps and drops.  Great work PMBA team and trail builders!”

Claire Bennett & Joe Flanagan (Event hosters)

PMBA Enduro Series Event Graythwaite | Bike Riding Championship Race

Race participants along with their friends and families enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and all were able to camp on site to take full advantage of the stunning views across Lake Windermere and the surrounding peaks.

We’d like to send out a special congratulations to Claire Bennett who was recently crowned Women’s Southern Enduro Champion and also finished first in the race. For more race results, click here and for future updates on PMBA Enduro Series events, follow them on Facebook.

The event was a complete success. Entry slots were fully booked with people even wanting to buy sold on tickets. For those that didn’t make it this time, we hope to see you at Graythwaite soon! (And of course, for those that did, we look forward to welcoming you again.)

And keep your eyes out here for more up and coming events.

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