The Silverholme Wedding Blog | No.3

The Silverholme Wedding Blog

by Campbell & Rowley

Instalment number 3 is here! It’s safe to say the Graythwaite team are pretty food orientated, so we may be a little bias when we say it’s one of our favourite insights so far… scroll down to hear from one of our fabulous approved caterers, Campbell & Rowley!

Food is a big part to anyone’s day, but on a wedding day – it’s even more important!

My name is Heather and I am one of the event managers for Campbell & Rowley Catering & Events LTD. We’ve been working at Silverholme for almost 3 years now and it is certainly one of our favourite venues!

When it comes to wedding catering, no two couples are the same. Everyone has their own individual style and taste and we love to be able to make that shine through the wedding breakfast. Anything from getting the guests involved in a traditional sit down 3 course to throwing tradition out the window and having a complete street food theme throughout the day, we’ve seen and done it all at Silverholme and the venue just laps it up. It’s so versatile and flexible it really lends itself to your imagination!

With any wedding book or magazine you pick up there will always be a time line in there almost dictating when you should be organising what. To be honest (having organised my own wedding as well as many others) the time line is drawn up by what you deem as most important. Once you’ve got your venue booked you will find that things begin to fall into place. So long as you let your chosen caterer know you definitely want them on that given day (weddings are becoming more and more organised!) details can be drawn up way in advance or as close as 8 weeks before the wedding depending on how organised you want to be.

Lamb Shank X Campbell & Rowley Wedding Catering

One of the biggest tips I could ever give someone when thinking through want they might want to eat on their big day – it’s your day.

Yes there might be you’re Aunt Margery who doesn’t like her potatoes cooked a certain way, or your friends son who will under no circumstances eat anything other than pasta and chicken nuggets – without sounding rude it’s so important to remember it’s your day. You are the one paying for everything and if you love a turkey dinner in the middle of summer then go for it! Do what makes you happy! We cater for all dietary needs (and believe me there are more than you know!) so don’t ever panic thinking you’re being selfish when you’re choosing your menu. Pick the food that you love and you know you’ll remember when you look back in a few years time. People say you remember the bad food at a wedding, on the contrary – your guests will always remember the great food at a wedding!

Trying to catch a moment to yourselves during the day is very fleeting. However the moment I adore to see at every wedding is the moment before the bride and groom are announced into the wedding breakfast. All the guests are sat eagerly awaiting thier arrival and announcement as the new Mr & Mrs, and it’s at this moment the newly weds actually get a minute together, just the two of them. A minute to talk about family members, or the photo by the lake they’ve just had or even just to say how truly beautiful the bride looks. Cherish little moments like these through out the day as it’s so important. The day is all about the two of you so it’s only right you can have a few moments of peace together.

All in all the day is about you and who and what you love! And everyone loves food!